The First Time Hard Cover Edition

The First Time – Hard Cover Edition

The First Time is a series of discussions and intimate disclosures about first sexual experiences; fun for some, tragic and awful for others.

Well known Australian psychic, columnist and author, Susan Taylor, conducted interviews with men and women from all walks of life, and chose to publish the stories of those willing to tell all.

As a social documentary, there is something in these pages for everyone.

Many of us have hidden secrets about our sexual adventures, and reading about others’ helps us to realise that no matter how odd we think our own story is, it is no less normal than that of the next person.


The limited edition hard cover book, signed by Susan, is available direct for only $20.00 (postage included).

Contact Susan to order your copy today.

ISBN 978-1631921971


The First Time Digital Edition

The First Time – Digital Edition

Coming soon: The First Time in digital formats will be available from Amazon, iBook, etc for $9.99.