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Our Health – Our Language

Is there is a link between the language we use, and our mental health?

I believe there is. As a Master Hypnotherapist I have extensive knowledge of the subconscious mind, and its functions. I can tell you, that the primary… Continue reading

Is There A God?

The existence of a Supreme deity has been both a question, and a problem, which has befuddled mankind, for as long as humans have experienced the awareness of an expanded consciousness.

While for many the existence of a God may… Continue reading

Love and Other Experiences

    Given the type of work that I do, it probably comes as no surprise that I operate from a deeply spiritual perspective. I hold certain core beliefs about my reason for being here and feel guided and… Continue reading

What Is True Happiness

If asked what most people want in their lives, you may find the answer is ‘I want to be happy.’

If you press further and ask them what would make them happy, you will receive a wide variety of answers.… Continue reading

Take 7 Steps

Take 7 Steps to a Happier New Year 

As 2012 draws to a close and 2013 Dawns, we should all be looking forward to the promise that a new year holds. Each New Year herald’s fresh beginnings so we… Continue reading