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Is There A God?

The existence of a Supreme deity has been both a question, and a problem, which has befuddled mankind, for as long as humans have experienced the awareness of an expanded consciousness.

While for many the existence of a God may appear to rely on religious here-say, others beliefs are founded on, what for them may have been perceived as a direct spiritual experience.

 Do I believe in a God? The short answer is yes; however my experience and understanding of God may differ from that of many others.  I arrived at my own personal conclusions as a result of direct experiences. The experiences were many however the information and explanation that helped me to define my perception of God were received by me, during a meditation session. I believe it was by way of primary spiritual guidance.

 I regularly meditate, and I often choose a subject or topic for contemplation during meditation sessions. On the particular occasion in question, I had been contemplating the nature of Love, and seeking a deeper understanding of it.

 I believe my experience was aided by the fact that I had previously spent a good deal of time theoretically analysing the nature of Love on a conscious level. I had defined, and therefore developed a conceptual understanding of what I refer to as the ‘two types of love.’ I believe that either one or both of these types of love are (at some stage) generally experienced by the majority of people in the world:  The first type of love is what I refer to as ‘topical love’ and the second is what I deem ‘spiritual love’.

Having spoken previously, about my definitions of Love in other text I won’t go into great detail again, however for a quick recap I shall give a brief explanation.  

What I refer to as ‘Topical Love’ is the type of love most people experience on a day to day basis. It relies on a certain set of circumstances in order to exist.  Hence, someone might say:  “I love you ‘because’ you meet all my needs, I find you attractive, you make me happy etc.”  This type of love is prone to change, as it relies on a certain set of circumstances in order to exist.  There may come a time when a person says: “You are no longer meeting all my needs, I don’t find you attractive anymore, you’re not making me happy and therefore, I don’t love you anymore.” As the circumstances that supported the existence of this love no longer exist, the feelings of love no longer exist either.

What I refer to as ‘Spiritual Love’ is the kind of love that goes beyond these boundaries, and does not rely on a certain set of circumstances in order to exist. It is the type of love we are most likely to (and should) experience with our children, family and spouses. It is when we say: “I love you” and there is no ‘because.’  When asked why you love a particular person, you are more inclined to say: “I don’t know why, I just do.”  Their lovable qualities may be mentioned as an afterthought, but these are the bonuses and not the conditions of love. Expanding this kind of love to our friends, neighbours, community and the world is what’s often perceived as one of the great spiritual challenges. 

I believe my experience, and understandings related to the above mentioned concepts of love, aided the new experience and learning’s I received during the meditation session. The new learning’s had a profound effect on me, and in a sense come forth more in the manner of a revelation.

As mentioned, during the particular meditation session, I was contemplating the deeper meaning of love.  I was well into the session when a clear voice outside of myself, and yet resonating as if from within, rang through my mind, it simply spoke these words: “God is Love.”

I recall responsively thinking: “Yes, I know that” (most of us have read or heard something akin to this before).  In a sense, I guess you could say I dismissed it as something I already knew.  But the voice returned again, a little more insistent and repeated “God is Love.”

 Again, in my mind I responded: “Yes I know that, I get it!” In truth, my attitude was a bit: “Excuse me, meditating here; stop interrupting with things I already know.”

It was then, the voice seemed to take on a firm and yet compassionate tone. The words that then echoed through my mind were, “No you don’t; we’ll show you with a feeling”.

Something about the voice was urgent and yet so reassuring, my initial resistance subsided and I immediately felt compelled to listen and surrender: “Okay, show me.” I thought.

It was then I felt a shift not only within me, but also in my physical surroundings; the temperature rose, and I could feel all the tiny hairs on my body stand up, it was like warm Goosebumps.  I was experiencing the most blissful feelings I had ever had. It was what I can only be describe a spiritual orgasm.  The feelings of connection, support and divinity where overwhelming and in those moments I truly understood the words:  “God is Love.”

 I realized however that this was only half the sentence: “God is Love and Love is God” they are one and the same thing. Take the cliché white bearded guy on a throne out of it, leaving the Omnipresent, Universal, Spiritual Love and you have it!

In an attempt to equate it to something you may experience at an earthly level I would say: “If you have ever experienced making love to another person, with such intense pleasure and connection that you ended up with tears of joy, then multiply that by a thousand, and imagine experiencing it on a soul level instead of a physical one.” 

The remark “God is Love” is often found or quoted in religious and spiritual text; it needs to be taken literally, for ‘God’ and ‘Love’ are one and the same thing.  Every Spiritual messenger or warrior, be it Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna etc. came to us with the same central core message, and that was one of ‘Unconditional Spiritual Love.’ We as humans have set about sabotaging this message, by building up a lot of cultural practices around it; in our strict adherences to these practices we have lost the centre of its meaning.

We began with cultural practice and then somewhere along the line we switched and started calling them ‘religious practices,’ but in truth they’re not.  Most of these practices are of cultural design and do not stem from original religious instruction.  Mankind has through his selfish attitudes, complicated the matter further by saying: “On the condition you meet all of our requirements, and undertake our practices you can join our religious order/following, (also known as an exclusive club) and have some unconditional love.

So in reality it’s not ‘Unconditional Love’ anymore is it? Given that you have to meet a certain set of conditions in order to qualify for receiving it. As a matter of fact, it’s starting to sound a bit more like that topical love I referred to at the beginning!

For me, the saddest part of this, is that the old saying: ‘The road to hell was paved with good intentions’ springs to mind immediately. While I love religion when you witness the demonstrations of faith, charity and devotion that can be found within, i also find great disappointment in the fact that it excludes so many.  If only the major religions would concentrate more on their similarities and less on their differences, we might get some peace. I believe the waring is more to do with their culturally derived ‘Religious’ practices, and as such they have forgotten the weight of their central core message. If they returned to this, we might have a much more compassionate and understanding world that unites in tolerance and accepts differences.

This would remove the need to ‘convert’ people to a particular way of thinking or a strict application of ‘religious rules. It would allow and encourage people to accept that each individual’s experience of god is valid, regardless of the way in which the experience is obtained. I truly believe that it is ‘One God, all Faces.’ I believe that the experience of true unconditional spiritual love was so overwhelming that mankind needed to slap a name on it, so he called it ‘God.’ It is what the Buddhist refers to as ‘Nirvana’ and many think of as transcendence to another realm.

I do not believe there is a cliché God sitting up there, handing out ticks for the good girls and boys and crosses to the bad ones! That would not be a reflection of unconditional love that would be keeping score. I also don’t believe any of the great spiritual messengers came with the message: give ‘Unconditional Love’ to all those who are the same as you, and kill the ones who aren’t.”

You can be wrapped in this blanket of Unconditional Love, through your own direct experience with the source of Spiritual Love.  It is the one thing that binds us all together at the centre of our being. You can call it God, Allah, Buddha, Goddess, Spirit, The Universe, The divine or whatever you choose but from my experience it is universal.

It is expressed in its simplest form when we recall an old religious saying; ‘God is the Creator’.  It’s no wonder so many religions refer to God as the Creator; ‘God is Love’, and all things come from ‘Love’ or a Lack of it!