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What Is True Happiness

If asked what most people want in their lives, you may find the answer is ‘I want to be happy.’

If you press further and ask them what would make them happy, you will receive a wide variety of answers.

One might say “If I just get that dream promotion, I will be happy.”

Another might say “If I find my perfect partner I will be happy.”

Yet another might say if “I get to be wealthy enough to attain a certain level of life-style, then I will be happy.”

The truth is though that neither any nor all of these external things will bring happiness.

There is nothing that you can buy, acquire, obtain or achieve that will bring lasting happiness.

These things may bring you moments of joy or happiness but it will not be sustained indefinitely.

If you get that new car, it will only make you happy for a while, perhaps until the novelty wears off, if you get that dream job, it may only make you happy for about 6 months or so and you may then find the pressure and business have you saying “I need a holiday or a break.”

Many things found outside ourselves provide us with times of elated joy or great moments of happiness, however there is a way to find ‘Lasting Happiness.’

True happiness is actually a choice we make on the inside. We choose to be happy, regardless of what is going on around us. This does not mean you will not have moments of grief or sadness again, but it does mean you will know that these are temporary states which will pass and thus not have an effect on your overall happiness.

When we make a conscious choice to be happy we come into an understanding that allows us to appreciate the peace and love in our lives but not depend on it. We know that all things must pass, be it moments of great joy or great moments of great sadness.

I see all my relationships, be it with mother, brother, friend or lover as the ‘icing on the cake’ but they are not the cake it’s self, that’s my bit (that’s my happiness cake).  It is important to understand that this healthy detachment doesn’t mean not loving others and it doesn’t mean not caring but it does mean not obsessing.

Finding your spiritual centre of being allows you to trust in the heart/soul connection and provides you with ‘Lasting Happiness’ from the centre of your being not just experiencing fleeting moments of happiness obtained from external sources.