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Our Health – Our Language

Is there is a link between the language we use, and our mental health?

I believe there is. As a Master Hypnotherapist I have extensive knowledge of the subconscious mind, and its functions. I can tell you, that the primary concern of the subconscious mind (apart from running the body systems) is to bring to us whatever we are thinking about the most.

Our core beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind, and this influences our thoughts, expectations and the reality we experience.

The subconscious never sleeps (which is why we dream), this means it is absorbing information, even when the conscious mind is unaware of it. The subconscious mind also takes everything we say as a literal expression of our experience.

While lunching with a girl friend recently, she remarked, “This salad is divine.”

I looked across the table at her and replied, “No honey, God is Divine, that’s just salad!”

Needless to say she was startled, but there lies the point.

We have popularised the use of extreme language, and our subconscious minds can’t keep up. This exaggerated use of descriptive language is leading us down a path of unrealistic expectations, resulting in feelings of disappointment, anger and depression.

If you listen to TV station advertisements promoting their own programming, you’ll discover new shows are described as so compelling, they must be ‘fast tracked’ from the USA. We are told programs are Un-miss-able, Ground Breaking, Heart Stopping, and contain Earth Shattering Revelations!

The conscious mind buys into the hype and drama, so we tune in; only to find that afterwards we may be experiencing feelings of disappointment and boredom, when we were meant to be feeling excited and satisfied.

No wonder life feels as though it isn’t all it was cracked up to be, and things don’t seem to ‘measure up.’

The magic is gone because we no longer appreciate things in a realistic way; we expect everything to be ‘Mind Blowing.’

Once upon a time we were a little upset, now we’re ‘Outraged.’

Something was good, now it’s ‘Unbelievable.’

We were a little disappointed, but now we’re ‘Devastated!’

Isn’t it time to get a grip? Come back to earth and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer, rather that expecting to be ‘Blown Away,’ every minute of the day.

I suspect this modern trend has contributed to a problem I see often; too many people confusing peace with boredom.